Juliet, 18. I live in Sydney, Australia and sometimes I wish I didn’t. I am a dreamer and I have many hopes and wishes when it comes to my future and although my dreams sometimes get laughed at I still aim high and I am very dedicated and one day I will prove these people wrong. I am friendly and a good listener, so I’ve been told. I love my friends and they mean a lot to me. I love watching TV shows and my favourite movie ever is Titanic. I am extremely fascinated by Hollywood and the showbiz industry and all the glitz and glamour that it has to offer. Celebrities amaze me and I find myself squealing at about 90% of Hollywood male actors. My favourite band is ONE DIRECTION! I am still on the journey of finding myself and knowing who I am and what I want to be and although I have a quick outline of what I want to do I still find myself getting lost along the way.